Flaweducation (draaft????)

Your ‘grade’ means shit. It is a digitised collection of pixels that gets printed out to supposedly represent you. An A* student can be praised a thousand times and still not be able to hold a conversion without being awkward. His social skills are reminiscent of the ‘roadmans’ coursework. Society has led us to believe that it is better to be bad at something and become good, rather than be the best in the first place. Eventually all these subcultures blend into everyone trying to pull the best mark they can.

While our country’s leaders bicker in parliament and continuously try to make statistics look better rather than help the people that make up the numbers, our responsibility is to digest pages of information from multiple subjects, balance a social life ensuring our ties with our family are strong, maintain a healthy body and somewhere along the line discover who it is we want to be in the world. A high level answer to the question- What is meant by hypocrisy? You quote Sinatra calling that life, yet you are never truly living.

We had an outburst of young adults unemployed, and because thats decreased, we turn our attention to  the problems outside our borders; Trump, allied wars, etc. I cringe at the news in the morning whenever they’ve shoehorned a “happy” story in, because we are facing actual real problems and we’ve developed a dirty habit of brushing them under the carpet, for it to be pulled out from under us later. The reason why kids join a gang, or get involved in crime is because its easier to make a living off. Its a far simpler hierarchy of progression and allows them to apply other skills like problem working and situational awareness. The contradicting part is, its way less corrupted than our legitimate government.

“80% of our students reached A* – C grades last year”. That 20%. That number that we turn I blind eye to that has a few hundred teenagers behind that had to go home that August, look their parents in the eye and tell them they failed. Its the end of their world and who is it thats accountable.

My first hand experience of witnessing breakdowns, because they missed their pass by a measly 2 marks, after revising a past paper expecting the same grade boundary. A boundary that changes yearly in accordance to whatever percentage is spat out. Students across are being told to keep putting in the effort to reach success, an impossible request when that means working with a broken system. Kiss your place at college, the hopes your family had and everything that was ever expected of you goodbye, all because the higher ups refuse to pull their fingers out.


The system is broken

YOU are a number/statistic

Those in charge know its broken but do nothing

There are much more important skills like being street smart, developing situational awareness in short dealing with real world problems. (raising your hand with a question in the real world gets you no further)


“So can you do better?”

I wouldn’t be in the position in the first place if i weren’t with absolute certainty that i could improve things. Way to many government officials sign documents, forgetting about the responsibilities that come along. I haven’t spent 11 years studying politics, but (in theory), those in charge have, and show that neither they have a clue what they’re doing. But if it were my job, id still probably have to meet some outrages unknown criteria list within the week, one that proves and fixes nothing. In short, id focus on what a teen can do if they’re in a position like spoken about above. what jobs are available and how to pursue what they desire.

“The government has enough to deal with”

I don’t see any of them DEALING with anything. There is still a refugee crisis, an economic crisis, and the only dealing that is done is under the table. or did you refuse to acknowledge that too.

You could blame all of that on previous leaders and brush it under the rug, but you’d be doing the same as what the last generation did.

Satire (Plz dnt stab me)

Men are all chauvinist pigs; Dogs that only care about sex. Never mind that bacon has served us well for quite some time now, and that dogs are loyal as hell if you treat them right. They’ll wait for you at home while you and you girlfriends go see the new “fifty shades of grey”, you know, that film that’s all about sex- Maybe she would’ve been more reluctant to have a mysterious relationship with him minus the job, money, and home with secret dungeon.

I digress, you know what kind of man you want don’t you; he has to be kind, but not too nice, must be funny, but knows when to be serious, gotta talk to you all day, but not all the time; maybe blonde and blue eyed while we’re at it. None-the-less, the absolute worst he could ever do, is talk to other girls. You never know whats going on. Is he being unfaithful? If the 9 turns out to be a 6, rather than talk to your partner, you’l have no choice but to sob your heart out to the single fellow who you’ve known for all of the past 4 weeks and is ‘just a friend’. It can go both ways though- sometimes men break it off with women because their personality stinks.

Its after those past few events, that the female usually becomes rowdy, and oughta settle down- preferably with a cheeky nandos: “I don’t need men, I’ll raise a child and manage on my own”. But how will you repopulate the strong women for your feminist army. You sort-of need men for that, you need the stuff that comes out of men (don’t laugh). Proceed to your nearest sperm market and you’l find a dynamic selection, from doctor, to stock exchanger, order now and you’l receive a special edition, complimentary ‘fireman’ sample, which are very limited because of our mayer, Boris Johnson. Did i forget to mention our exclusive members option? Its the door!, thats right!, the same way you walked in, you can turn around, and walk yourself out! You might even find that doctor, who provided the fertiliser, a measly few streets away, counting the loose change that people have kindly given him as they walk past him sitting on the pavement.

What I personally love is how women are able to do things that a man would end up incarcerated for. A woman pinches a guys arse and no one bats an eye, a guy does the same and everyone loses their minds. Where are all the female abusers and rapists?

Its worth mentioning that not all women are like this, but they are out there. Its been nice talking to you and all that, but how ’bout we shag.

Feel Strong

  • Family morals. looking out for one another
  • Hypocrisy, pretending to be something you’re not for a crowd
  • Dogs, dogs are cool
  • People who are unaccepting of others
  • New age rap, doesent mean the same as what it did when Dre was about

Touching void chapter summerize

Chapter 1: Small hicups at the foot of the mountain. They’ve realised that the ascent wont be like any other they’ve done before. hey know that no-one has officially climbed sulle grande before, and are about to find out why.

Chapter 2: Joe, Richard and Simon struggle again in the acsent, having a rough start to begin with due to the biting cold. At one point icicles fell dangerously close to them.  Richard suffered a head injury. They were later hurled into the void and set for camp again. Richard would remain at the camp and prepare for Joe and Simons return, for he was the least experienced of the trio.

Chapter 3: After camp, more climbing. Little cuts and bruises. Photos taken. Simon had found the ridge through unconventional methods.

Chapter 4: Trouble climbing up floutings and mostly snow cornices, two Japanese climbers followed Joe and Simon. During camp more gas was used.

Chapter 5: JOE BREAKS HIS LEG, from a misinterpreted glacier

Chapter 6: Joe was being lowered due to his injury when he noticed that the cliff face started getting steeper till he feels like he’s sliding off the mountain, Simon couldn’t hear his yells in the storm so he tried digging his axe into the ice but it wouldn’t cut. Joe slips off the cliff and is left dangling in the air 6 feet away from the cliff edge. Climbing up was not a possible action. Simon feeling Joe hanging off the cliff wondered why he hadn’t detached himself, thought of pulling him up but he too started slipping. He was lead to cutting the rope, dropping Joe. Simon continues descending alone, unbeknownst to him how high of a drop it was.

Chapter 7: Joe dangling off the cliff,  Simon cuts the rope and he falls, landing on snow slips where he continues to fall further into the crevasse beneath him till he hits his head and comes to a halt on an ice bridge sticking out. Joe found out that the rope was cut and decided to go to sleep crying. Frostbite and his other battered ailments meant he could not proper attach himself to the ice wall. He sat there for some time.  He is now in the void which is what translates to the literal title as he is surrounded by the feeling of nothing within nothingness. He decides to abseil deaper.

Chapter 8: (Large Personification of mountain) Simon descended down the mountain enough to see where Joe has fell from the cliff. He agreed to himself that Joe must have died, his thoughts combatting with his hope that he hadn’t. He then goes on to think how other people will respond to the news and how he is going to tell the story, particularly to his mother. He walks up to the crevasse thinking if he should go down and look for Joe but he does not have enough rope and he his already too exhausted to try and he already believes Joe didn’t survive. He tried calling out his name, met with no response. Simon now traumatised, he climbed down the rest of the mountain contemplating if he should lie, saying that Joe infact fell on his own accord. Reuniting again with Richard he ended up telling the truth.

Chapter 9: 

Chapter 10: Simon burnts Joe’s clothes as a memorial like action.

Chapter: 11: The last crawls and hops Joe could perform brought him close to the campsite. He remained the for the night hallucinating, addamate that this was his end.

Chapter 12: Joe had miracuasly been found by Simon and Richard. After much cuffufle with transportation, they proceeded to the foreign hospital, bringing with them an old man who’s legs where beyond infected.

Page 98- Personification

Now and Then- Ron and Don: Case Closed

The warm glow from the zippo that lit my stoogie caressed my chin as I pulled it up to my face. A body had been found in an alley on 66th street, and my partner in ‘crime’ and I had been called up to investigate. Me, half asleep with the radio as white noise. My co-host of what never is an easy turn of events most likely with another dame he’d met. He’d been been transferred from traffic to homicide. He was good. Our talkies in our cars muttered inaudible sentences and the rain hit the dumpster, resignating gunshots, A sound i’m all too familiar with now. A lamppost flickered in the pale moonlight, matching each step we took closer. Somethin’ was off. You could smell it in the air, behind the scent of wet concrete and oxidised blood. “Jesus.” muttered Donnie, in his cautious approach.

Bullet wound penetrated the gut. Painful. Slow. No murder weapon. I wondered at the time, if it would’ve been a good idea to ask the club further down if she’d left with anyone, considering the distinctive insignia on her wrist of ‘Jelleto’s Jazz Club’, a stamped mark for returning visitors Don would know. A Friday night like this, maybe it would’ve been better if she did; maybe that’s what she did. But I wasn’t prepared to let my sanctimonious buddy here take the collar on this one, he’d already taken the Richardson Racketeering bust, and any more weight on his shoulders would’ve opened another murder case, titled ‘Detective kills partner’. Id be sure to follow it up after leaving the scene. I never did like asking the coroner about semen traces, but it had to be done with a city full of sin like this one was. Her purse: few dollars left from the night. Matches, no ciggies- this just wasn’t your night gall was it. Licence What had happened to you, ‘Cecilia Roberts’.

The chalk outline representing where the body lay. Police tape sealed of the area. We had missed something; at least that’s what the precinct means when they tell you to review a case. Should I look through the trash?! Hard to explain that one as official police business. End up having some old lady be the reason I lose my shield. Without the rain everything really runs up your nose, regardless a’ how much hair was on your lip. Tempting to use the barell of my 44. to rummage through it. My poison was scotch, not rat piss. I was used to the smell of old tenderised meat, because sometimes it’s a few days before poor soul’s shells are found, so at least the salmonella scent from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ waste had no long lasting effects.

I assured myself and the young Don how rarely this ever happens. It’s unfortunate that the boy even had to see such scenes, but this was his passion, as was mine, or so I thought. Time to look broader, heh, ‘broad’. The fire escape… I don’t remember the ladder being released that night, but Donnie protested- he’d watched us the whole time. “Let it go, Ron.”                                                                                                              “That’s the same thing my ex-wife said. Turns out she lied a lot too.”


English Assessment (Fate Analysis)

How do the studied poets and Shakespeare use literary techniques to show how people respond to forces in the world over which they have no control?

In this assessment I will be investigating the contents of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’,  ‘On My First Son’ by Ben Jonson and ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ by Dylan Thomas, and the literary techniques used in compliance with the idea of fate and going against it, as well as it going against the involved characters/writers.

With Shakespeare’s loss of his son, he would be inspired to go on to write the play Hamlet. Written around 1600 and published in 1603, It had very advanced film and theatre techniques, all with their own purpose within the play like another play entirely for Hamlet to get a point across to the king and exterior. ‘On my first son’ was written by Ben Jonson in 1603 and published in 1616 after the death of Jonson’s first son Benjamin at the age of seven prior to his first daughters death at six months old, later for his second son later to die in 1635. He was an unsuccessful actor, which lead him to poetry. Through his history we can see he has clearly experienced hardships and moments of distraught, which has intern gifted him with great patience, shown in this poem, where unlike the more youthful others, writes more disciplined and understanding, whilst maintaining his grief. ‘Don’t go gentle that good night’, written in 1947 written by Dylan Thomas, a Welshman, was a romantic poet, a heavy drinker and one who often engaged in roaring disputes in public. He’d also read his work aloud with tremendous depth of feeling, furthermore proving his lack of shame and pride in his work. This is all portrayed in his poem ‘Don’t go’ and other work, showing the same blaze in his words as he speaks of what he is passionate about. He would receive studies and lectures of Shakespeare’s work at his grammar school from his English professor.

The texts are similar in the sense that they are both the extremes of a similar event. Losing a son, and losing a father. Putting them into this perspective you can see how Hamlet acts his life after losing his father and the way Ben Johnson does in losing his son, and make a comparison.
While Ben Johnson is more remorseful and poetic in his words that have more than one meaning, understanding that it was his son’s time without being content with it, Hamlet expresses his anger and vengefulness, in his interaction with other characters and the choices he makes, similar to Dylan Thomas in his angry words towards fate. Acceptance and its opposite in play. These are characteristics used as literary techniques to show reaction to control, or rather lack of it, and the struggle against fate.


Hamlet senior (Snr.) dying, one could say, was an act against fate. It wasent his time to leave and is set up to have disrupted the plot, him being taken by another factor in the story. How the relatives of the departed acted were displayed by rage, frustration but also comprehension and knowledge that what has happened was to happen eventually regardless. You have no choice whether you die, but rather, how you live. It could also be said that the factors in life-like death itself was the one acting against fate, disrupting the story that has been created or the continued life of Dylan Thomas’ father/Ben Jonson’s son, like an unexpected anomaly or error that’s perpetually altered the course of the setting.


The idea of a ‘mortal coil’ and ‘the slings and arrows of outrages fortune’ written in Hamlet also refers to the setting and written path not being followed out to the letter as unexpected variables change it and cause it to stray from its course in favour for another.  This played into practice would almost suggest the characters within the texts are aware that their ‘fate’ is already planned for them, that they know they are part of a play/poem, ultimately breaking the barrier that is the fourth wall, but this was a technique in itself Shakespeare used, to get points across to the viewers quickly, as well as being show in practice with ‘Ben Jonson’s best piece of poetry’, referring to his son. This could insinuate that being aware of their false reality caused them to ‘act’ the way they did, like being trapped in a dream knowing your asleep. Nothing counts and wont have reproduction’s. You’re free to behave and speak any way you want.

This is often times represented by the characters in all the texts questioning themselves in their confusion, surrounding themselves with the word ‘why’ – ‘will man lament the state he should envy?’ meaning should Ben Jonson now regret such a beautiful thing such as being a father. Particularly with events they cannot control, characters such as Hamlet and writers such as Dylan Thomas, both young men having lost their fathers, would act brash and outraged to have something that meant so much to them be taken from them, lecturing themselves in an attempt to make some sense and give reasons also techniques used to communicate with the audience/readers. In other cases like Hamlet’s mother marrying his uncle, which he disliked very much so, he wouldn’t talk as much about it as he would talk of his late father and blame his incestuous uncle, being that (whether he acknowledges it or not) his mother still means a great deal to him and even more so now that she is his only family and connection to his father. It is difficult to hate/blame someone you love, so you assert the closest other person causing your discomfort. Similarly you could say Dylan Thomas feels the same in the sense that he blames death for coming upon his father, rather than regret his father for leaving. Actions of fate acting against the protagonists.


One of Shakespeare’s more surfaced literary techniques depicting again response to lack of control, shown also in Ben Jonson’s poem, the use of meter, the iambic pentameter is the follow of words that have the same amount of syllables and are usually the same length, effectively sounding like they go together. ‘Don’t go gentle,’ for example, uses the feature further by utilising the last line to reference the idea of life and death by using the words ‘light’ and ‘night’, ‘Rage, rage against the dying of the light’ insinuating to try to stay alive. It can sometimes occur unintentionally when writing. When the writer finds a flow they may find themselves writing in a meter, further enhancing the idea of fate in cooperation with the fourth wall. But meters can be used with a hidden technique as is done in Hamlet, when he is allegedly going insane. Hamlet refuses to use iambic pentameter in this sequence which can be interpreted as Shakespeare taking further the notion of him being distant from the other characters and his anti-hero like properties.

The iambic pentameter can also be represented with fate in mind as a prediction for what occurs next in the play and poems. Expecting a syllable or rhyming word, furthermore symbolising how their future is planned out, being written and the characters having no free will. Diving deeper, it can be said that the tide has another purpose Resembling a heartbeat slowing down to an eventual stop, simulating death, which is a fundamental common factor across the texts. This accents the sudden stop that including in different types of dying. It can of course, just be being used because it sounds nice.


Using analytical effort, the corresponding dates and research of prior work of each text show clearly how inspiration from Shakespeare and his techniques are implemented and personalities linked comedy, absorption and specifically anger, playing a vital role in the poem by Dylan Thomas, enthusing the naivety/less accepting tendencies as a young man as opposed to an older person like in ‘My Only Son’. Added evidence from Hamlet and his revenge quest supports this. In conclusion, the texts are clearly linked. They share common factors like dying and hidden techniques, all over-seed by fate. The men then respond in usually similar ways to each other in accordance to losing a loved one, displayed with anger in the youth and wisdom in old age.

‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ ‘On my first son’ and ‘Hamlet’ FOR ASSESMENT


Within the two poems, fate is cursed and damned by the author for taking those who were close to them.
Rage playing a vital role in the poem by Dylan Thomas, enthusing the naivety/less accepting tendencies as a young man as opposed to an older person like in ‘my only son’. Added evidence from Hamlet and his revenge quest supports this.
The iambic pentameter references death and life, a heartbeat. The author being the son of dying man being written about, using the last line to reference the idea of life and death and rhyming.
To two are similar in the sense that they are both the extremes of a same event. Losing a son, and losing a father. You could put them into this perspective using the way Hamlet acts his life after losing his father and the way Ben Johnson does in losing his son.
While Ben Johnson is more remorseful and poetic in his words that have more than one meaning, understanding that it was his sons time without being content with it, Hamlet expresses his anger and vengefulness, in his interaction with other characters and the choices he makes, similar to Dylan Thomas in his angry words against fate. Acceptance and its opposite in play.

1.INTRODUCTION (write about what you are going to write)

2.IAMBIC PENTAMETER – can hint rhythm and rhyme (talk about how this references a heartbeat-life and death)

3. FATE is described as an entity (person or thing). Giving it characteristics like this help the authors/characters to direct there anger and blame something.
–Exacted by thy fate, on the just this day-On my first son-
–Rage, rage against of the dying light- Do not go gentle into that good night-
–My fate cries out, And makes each petty artery in this body As hardy as the Nemean lion’s nerve. (Hamlet, 1.4.91), Hamlet–
–There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ’tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all: since no man has aught of what he leaves, what is’t to leave betimes? (Hamlet, 5.2.214), Hamlet to Horatio



My only son

You sat in the palm of my hand
Your fingers curled around thumb
Having to now give you to this land
Age seven, I bury you, my son

Fate had its way for one day
Now you’ve escaped this world
Content for too long, now i must pay
Pain is not given, it is hurled

No judgment to be set onto you
For you hadent committed any sin, unlike I
Am I supposed to start anew?
Id rather hold your hand and with you, die

Hamlet writin features

Act 3 scene 1
Hamlet’s interaction with ophelia who unbeknownsts to him is there on behalf of claudius and polonius.

The speached followed after Hamlet’s ‘to be or not to be’, is the character playing with ophellias mind. The best way to assert superiorty is to know more than the other, or to confuse the oppenant to question their own thoughts and action, which is what shakespear has done with the character, shown when he questions ophellia on weither he truly gave her gifts and if she is honest and fair (manipulating the homophones). This gives a depth to his physcosis that wouldnt have been heard of as back then. Hamlet playing the mad fool previosly has lead all to underestimate him, thus not pay as much attention to him for him to carry out his plot.

The poem ‘Futility’ uses simular language features as Hamlet in a sense that they are both very descriptive and tend to speak of everything around the main event, being effective as it lets the reader piece it all together and finish it all thenselves, giving a sense of accomplishment, meaning readers enjoy it. If this fails, other interpretations of the writing can be developed by readers, ideas that they can relate to as thats what readers naturally create.

Fight Club – Novel (Antihero)

The title does not give the story justice. Theres more to it than a nose breaking, bloody, underground battle arena, which aids its relativity to readers weither thats because you’re an insomniac yourself as the main protagonist is, that you’re highly informed in chemicals and numbers, maybe that you too notice the insignificants of life and ponder in your head until riped away from the distraction by life. Fight Club has a unique ‘to the facts’ style that is narrated by a unique main character, who struggles with more than meets the eye. I know this because Tyler knows this.

Every detail is important. If its mentioned and especially if it sounds like the auther is delving way to far into how to make plastic explosives out of house-hold items, its most likely because that is going to be relied on later in the story, to explain something else. Its like setting up dominous and at the end everything comes full circle.

Events then take a turn that some would say is aimed downhill and the very skilled or extremely speculative would have just about seen coming. This is where reason for the title could be misleading, but it could also be reason for its worldwide popularity: for those who went into the fight club and found something more.

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